Episode 14 – with John Helps


This month we sit down with John Helps – John is creator of the newly-launched Great Central magazine, Robot Needs Home and Handmade Festival, and former member of post-rock champions Maybeshewill. We discuss Dan Nicholas breaking the format of the podcast, putting together a culture paper and what it’s like to tour in an almost-massive band.

You can find the Samuel L. Ipsum generator here.

Episode 12 – with Suzanne Rowland


This week we are joined by the ever-busy Suzanne Rowland, key player in the Leicester Fridge comedy collective! We review Lauren Bird’s episode, and along the way we discuss childhood mischief, tiny music venues and whether or not Bruce Edhouse is the nicest man in comedy.

This week, the IN team are launching a brand new podcast! It’s called The Argumentarium and we think you’ll like it.

BONUS EPISODE: David Anthony Wood Pt. 2

This week, in honour of several things*, Instant Nostalgia brings you a FREE episode of IN-Out. This is an extra 16 minutes(!) taken from Episode 05 with David Anthony Wood, and features the best guide to being a tourist in Paris you will ever hear. If you like what you hear in this episode, please do consider subscribing to our Patreon for regular episodes of IN-Out. Instant Nostalgia will continue as normal from next Monday, 20/06/16!

*Dan’s birthday, an arbitrary 10 episodes, and not having managed to record an episode last week

Episode 10 – with Bruce Edhouse


We’re changing things up with the order again, as Bruce Edhouse steps in to fill the guest slot for Episode 10! Episode 10 marks the first double-figure episode of Instant Nostalgia, and to that we have only one thing to say – “Suck it, Charles Wheeler“.

Together, Bruce and Dan discuss Episode 09, taking in not being a fan of Star Wars, Things that should not be and crabs – lots of crabs.

Bruce Edhouse is the author of Inspector Jim Stingers vs Crabula!

Episode 09 – with Russ Gawthorpe


Unfortunately Ian Hall couldn’t be with us this week – fortunately, Australian photographer, musician, documentarian and mild viral hit Russ Gawthorpe has stepped into the breach! This week we take the mantle of reviewing Dave McGuckin’s episode 08 and use it to help us talk about Star Wars, the ramifications of internet fame, and Big Australian Things.

Episode 07 – with Fergus Caird


This week’s episode features as its guest Fergus Caird, who can be described as an actor, comedian, clown, poet and interior architect, because one thing isn’t good enough for him.

We review Sarah Keyworth’s episode, while taking in such diverse subjects as Jersey, parenting and the award-winning short film Flawless, which he just so happens to be in.

Episode 06 – with Sarah Keyworth


This week’s episode features Sarah Keyworth, runner-up of Funny Women 2015. As well as reviewing the previous episode, we discuss bizarre places to perform, #AlexHyltonDoesntEatPork, and women in comedy (spoiler alert: We’re both in favour).

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Episode 05 – with David Anthony Wood


This week on Instant Nostalgia we are joined by the incredibly funny and talented David Anthony Wood, stand-up comedian and illustrator. Together we discuss Jaws, Jack Campbell and luck.

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Episode 04 – with Jack Campbell


This week we are graced by a national award-winning comedian in the form of Jack Campbell, English Comedian of the Year 2014!

In this episode, not only does Jack thoroughly dismantle Episode 03, he also finds time to write the bones of a musical about Alex Hylton and confess to basically never having seen any movies ever.

Episode 03 – with Lewis Barnes


For the third episode of Instant Nostalgia, Dan is joined by Lewis Barnes – cartoonist, musician and self-described “occasional” comedian.

In this episode we discuss cartoons and music, pizza and Total Recall, and of course, Episode 02 of Instant Nostalgia!

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Episode 02 – with Alex Hylton


Episode 01 was so good, we thought we’d do it again. Episode 02 features as its guest Alex Hylton, stand-up comedian, promoter and professional football fan. He is co-curator (alongside Episode 00’s Dave McGuckin) of Jokes On Us Free Festival at Dave’s Leicester Comedy Festival, and is appearing in several festival shows including Chasing Tales, with future Instant Nostalgia guest Sarah Keyworth! Phew, that’s a lot of links.

Alex reviews Episode 01 with aplomb, whilst also taking in such topics as the practicalities of podcasting, the Edinburgh fringe festival, and pork.

Episode 00 – with Dave McGuckin


Instant Nostalgia is the podcast in which every episode is a review of the last episode. That leaves things a little up in the air for the first recording – that is, unless there’s an Episode 00. An Instant Nostalgia Prime. And here it is.

Featuring Dave McGuckin, host of Comedy and Cocktails and co-creator of inter-disciplinary show Commentary.