Instant Nostalgia relies on a wide variety of high-quality guests to make it what it is. But who are they, and what on Earth do they do? This is where you’ll find Twitter accounts, projects and creations from every guest.

Episode 00Dave McGuckin: Stand-up comedian and promoter, host of Comedy and Cocktails at Manhattan34, co-curator of Jokes On Us Free Festival and co-creator of Commentary.

Episode 01Charles Wheeler: Performance poet, writer and referee for AMP wrestling.

Episode 02 – Alex Hylton: Stand-up comedian and promoter, co-curator of Jokes On Us Free Festival, host of The Exchange Comedy Club and presenter and writer on football show Blue Moon Rising TV.

Episode 03 – Lewis Barnes: Cartoonistmusician and occasional comedian.

Episode 04Jack Campbell: English Comedian of the Year 2014!

Episode 05 – David Anthony Wood: Comedian and Illustrator.

Episode 06Sarah Keyworth: Comedian, runner-up in the Funny Women UK Competition.

Episode 07 – Fergus Caird: Man of too many talents to list.

Episode 08 – Dave McGuckin: A proper episode for Episode 00‘s guest.

Episode 09 – Russ Gawthorpe: Australian photographer, musician, documentarian and mild viral hit.

Episode 10 – Bruce Edhouse: Writer and comedian, the other half of The Two Syds and author of Inspector Jim Stingers vs Crabula!

Episode 11 – Lauren Bird: Musician and writer, singer in many bands.

Episode 12 – Suzanne Rowland: Comedian and comedy admin whiz.

Episode 13Daniel Nicholas: Comedian, writer and performer.

Episode 14John Helps: Musician (Freddy Lobos, ex-Maybeshewill), promoter, creator and editor of Great Central, brains behind Handmade Festival.

Episode 15 – Lucy Thompson: Comedian, nominated for Best Show at Leicester Comedy Festival 2017 and new co-host of Comedy and Cocktails.

Episode 16Jess Green: Poet and playwright, host of Find The Right Words poetry club.

Episode 17Grace Petrie: Folk musician, occasional Radio 4 guest and host of Fire In Your Heart folk club.

Episode 18Adam Weikert: Musician and poet, drummer in Her Name Is Calla and crowdfunding Usidoh.

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